Tears make her feel weak…

Happiness she believes is for the happy…

Anger she knows nothing of it… desire, well… she doesnt fathom the meaning of the word…

Beauty is her second name trust me she’d make Cleopatra look like a fake…

At heart she’s an angel only u’d never believe it at first…

On the outside from her icy eyes she looks like a demon of sorts…

Sadness is a cost she can’t incur everyone knows “pauper” is her middle name…

She wonders how in weakness we are strong???? How we should fight to our last breathe… wouldn’t we be dead by the end of it all????

How is it when you feel like giving up that’s when you shouldnt…???

shes indiffrent to all and yet diffrent from non… besides, she is human after all…

Her ambience is “being” and she confidently lives up to its meaning

Being alive… alone or not… rich or poor her ambience still remains

She’s never mellow or blue…

That’s for children she’d tell you with no emotion on her face

But strength is her third name… shes one with it and its one with her…

They’ve been husband and wife since her memory can date

It’s not the “strength of a woman type”… that she’d go defending trees righs to stay alive by stripping her clothes… trust me, she would not do that

Its her stregnth … her will to persist and live on… her strength is her partner in crime

She has no morals but instead parades her virtues all over town

That what society thinks of her shall never be greater than what she knows is rigt and wrong

She would not exchange her peace for any comfort … peace lets you sleep at night… comfort is a luxury… whats a comfortable water bed if you can’t find any sleep while laying in it?????

She knows that history has a way of repeating itself … everything is all the same as yester only diffrence is the date on the calender

Her heart is warm as mothers milk yet seems as cold as ice

She doesnt smile unless she has to… doesn’t laugh unless its funny and doesn’t cry at all… besides crying is a fools game … she’s no fool

She is typical to none and true only to self…

Call her a paradox and she will smile at you

“Finally u’ve got it… you will never understand me… you are not as foolish as you sought to be”

She is HER.





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