Writing has always been a love affair for me. Most times i am not faithful because i find it hard to decide on what should be put out there and what should be kept under wraps. I am not saying i am lazy… do not get me wrong… i am not lazy and even if  the odds are always in favor of  lazy people. They have a way of finding the best ways to solve problems. Actually the most intelligent ways. So today after so many months of lazing around i finally have something to put down. Actually this i wrote long ago back when pen and paper was my bread and butter. Here it goes,

Imagine peace, the warmth of the soft dying embers of the sun caressing your skin with such gentleness that a lovers palm felt too rough,

Imagine love, that only death could do you part… am just saying, that’s some really good staff,

Imagine hope,  a dying tree would suddenly start growing all over again…at-least that’s true in Kung Fu Panda,

Imagine faith, a five year old can bow and pray for his drunkard papa to stop making mama cry,

Imagine charity, that starving he may be but he still has to share his only meal of the day with his dog,

Imagine kindness, simply because your white and am black whats yours is still mine…we are one,

Imagine courage, that a nine year old would single handedly raise the next big thing all alone,

Imagine cowardice, that a man would deny his own flesh and blood simply because for him its a game,

Imagine humility, that the master could wash the servants feet,

Imagine hypocrisy, her mother told her to have an abortion yet she had her at the same age,

Imagine inhumanity, the doctor just had to rape her  before her abortion,

Imagine boldness, she(he) knows she is ENERGY..

She cannot be destroyed, cannot be changed, cannot be made… like her maker SHE IS WHO SHE IS.