A love lost.

A cold sun in the sky, A dark night in the sunshine. Only the might can bring back the light for no seer can see. A blind leads the blind, for one thing they all long. None seems to fathom the answer, only the idea of what they want. If only everyone would see it in their eyes, then maybe, just maybe. Maybe they would remember the days, when they called each other kin as they ate from the same plate and they’d say they were each other’s Valentinered roses and boxes full of chocolate. How amazing and beautiful life was, if they could only love once more, savouring the warmth and comfort that comes with being loved. But life has made it difficult, or so they’ll tell you. If only are the words always on their lips. All they have left is the warmth of the cold kisses in their minds and hearts full of throbs soon to be chaotic echoes. Love means charity, charity to everyone. Lets spread the love.

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