Gambler’s Luck

She is dressed in a bewitching long black silk dress decorated with sequins lightly. If you walked into the room uninformed of her presence you would not see anything else in the room save for her. Her beauty precedes her character yet her character is something else. She is silent and talks only with her eyes. From this side of the table, you can see her curvy body trying to spring free from the dress. She is quite the sight.Her name is Life. Across the table is Joe; tall dark and handsome you could say. He has been spell bound by her beauty in what would seem to an outsider as forever timeline. His mind has been racing the whole night. This card game has turned out a whole compass point away from the direction he intended it to go. He is gambling with her. They call her “Thee gambling prodigy,” in these parts of the town. She is famous for her skills in the game of cards. Interestingly, no one seems to praise her for the exquisite sight she is. She knows her game plan all too well. For those who are asking, her money is where her mouth is. She never gives her opinion during her games. That would be cheating,wouldn’t it ? She has now taken a perched stature waiting for Joe to take bait. Joe is not a maestro but he is good. Really good. He decides to hold back the call on his cards and picks another set. He wonders why he even thought gambling with Lady Life would be a good idea. He knows he could loose everything within the fraction of a second and yet he could also beat the maestro of the game. “King of gamblers has quite the ring to it,” he is thinking silently. Winning the game could change a lot of things and yet losing also means something more important. How painful could losing to such an exotic beauty really be? It wouldn’t even hurt. His inner charmer is taunting with him. His decision to play this game means the world to him. However, it also means fighting to the last dime as it stands as of now. He is gambling for his Darling Divergence. He wants to get married to her. He loves her ways. He adores how she makes him different from other people. He loves how she tickles him with life giving inspiration each time she tells him how he is different. He can not let her down. Besides, she is pregnant with his child. That alone could make him do anything for her. How can one not see wonder when the woman they want to marry calls herself such a name, ” Divergent, different from all yet indifferent from none”. How would he be able to tell his children and grandchildren that he refused to face a woman? Was he not supposed to be his own man? Taking one last look at his cards he decides it is now or never. He calls it. Maybe, just maybe gambler’s luck is on his side today.

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