This is for faith, for hope and courage, for moving mountains and reaching the heavens

For the brave hearted, the ones who know that swimming means getting in the water.

This is for passion, for warriors unafraid of their desires, unafraid of the madness that comes with desire

This is for bliss, for the joy of a new born baby.

This is for strength, that the mighty can fall only to stand up, dust off and regain their vigor.

This is for friends, for love and uncalled for celebrations, for finding courage when we are weak and offering comfort when we least expect it

This is for dreams, for skies so uncertain they would make you die out of fear, fear of the unknown

This is for honor, for trust and respect of oneself, that we may become loyal to the things that we care about, things important to only us, that we may live as if it were our last day

This is for marvel, for finding beauty everywhere we look, beauty in the world as it is

This is for writing, anything, everything and nothing

This is for you Jully, for stirring the magic and madness of color in black and white


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