Beautiful isn’t word enough

I met her when she was pregnant, seven months gone. I can recall pretty well because it was quite the mammoth of pregnancies. She looked too heavy, too uncordinated and unbalanced when carrying those babies. What moved me however was not the pregnancy, it was her laughter. She laughed like she wouldn’t still be laughing the next minute. Which she would obviously given her aloofness when it came to jokes and giggles. Her name was Wanjiku. How i never got that name is still unclear to me. I’d call her Wairimu and at times Wanjiru but she would still answer, ofcos with a giggle. I went home only to come back after a month and find her nursing three babies. She had birthed triplets. The doctoe had originally told her she was going to have twins. I had never seen her that happy. The babies were the tinniest i had ever seen. The first born, Promise weighed 1.9 kilos, the second born Brian weighed 2kilos and the last born Precious weighed 1.8 kilo. They were Beautiful and yet so fragile. Sometimes i would shiver at the thought of changing them their diapers, I thought i would break their small limbs. The first born was always either asleep or hungry while the other two simply cried most of the time. They were quite the handfull for their twenty year old mother amazingly she never had any help. I have seen them grow since that day to today, see they just turned two. Wanjiku still has the most beautifull babies in the world according to me ofcos. Just yesterday i vistited them and truth be told i have not laughed that much in a whyl. The children spent most of the time running after each other laughing at absolutely nothing. They have a coded language they speak to one another and then burst out laughing. The apple never falls far away from the tree. Promise is very independent while precious is quite the diva. Brian on the other hand is Mamas boy. He is always on her lap. The children are apparently very naughty. Last week they poured twenty litres of water in their room from a water tank outside their room and started rolling in it. They then went to the kitchen and took some flour and tea leaves and made tea and pastry on the floor. Well, according to them thats what they made. Get this, they work together all the time. The three pushed the water tank into their room!! I still don’t understand that. Whenever they want to be cheeky they actually call out for their mum or dad to make sure no one is around and if their is no reply they go ahead with their mission. The funny thing is that they dont know the words mum or dad, instead they call their mum “sweetie” and their dad “honey”. Atleast thats what they hear their parents call each other. Beautifull, right?